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Off the beaten path, this hidden gem is sure to impress.

Diadema Golf Club, located on Route 16 in North Anson Maine, is often called a “hidden gem’. 40 minutes south of Sugarloaf Mountain, this public golf course features 9 holes which, utilizing 10 holes for 18-hole play. Diadema Golf Club boasts an attention to detail with its fairways and greens, thoughtfully placed ponds, strategically located obstacles. What it lacks in size for a 9 hole course, it certain makes up for it in difficulty, requiring course management and careful approach on every hole.

Diadema Golf Club also includes amenities such as practice areas complete with traps, mounds and green. A pro shop is included within, offering merchandise and equipment.

From the beginning 10 years ago, we have strived to make Diadema Golf Club a friendly and welcoming course for both beginners as well as offering a challenging round for the more astute player.

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